NYU Abu Dhabi establishes the Transition Investment Lab, in collaboration with Mubadala and Al Maskari Holding

ABU DHABI, 9th May, 2021 (WAM) — NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) has announced a partnership with Mubadala Investment Company and family-office Al Maskari Holding for the establishment of a new research initiative, The NYUAD Transition Investment Lab (TIL). The lab, which is run by Visiting Professor of Economics Bernardo Bortolotti, represents the first fully fledged research venture that the university has established with financial institutions based in Abu Dhabi.

TIL is a research initiative that aims to position NYUAD as a center of excellence and knowledge hub for impact finance and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) research, with special reference to long-term investments in the Middle East, Africa, and South-Asia (MEASA) region. Co-funded by Mubadala and Al Maskari, TIL’s mission is to meet the highest academic standards while providing strategic thinking and actionable solutions to investors in the key emerging sector of global finance.

A key objective of the lab is to introduce global institutional investors to a framework for measuring and managing ESG risk and impact of their activity in the MEASA region. This will support the ongoing transformation of the UAE capital into a financial and logistical gateway for investments to address sustainable development in the region with the highest potential in terms of economic growth and societal progress. TIL is just one way in which NYUAD seeks to demonstrate the practical relevance of its research initiatives to the UAE’s business community and local stakeholders.

Visiting Professor of Economics at NYUAD Bernardo Bortolotti commented: “The past year has aptly demonstrated how interconnected our world is and highlighted the need to shift from the conventional economic paradigm to a new model based on environmental sustainability, social inclusion and shared prosperity. Our lab represents a concerted effort to embrace this transition as a new investment philosophy and develop a more substantive focus on how best to achieve measurable impact through the UN Sustainable Development Goals.” ”We firmly believe that Transition Investment is a powerful lens to analyze and shape the current evolution. However, key to the success of this initiative is the adoption, by sovereign wealth funds and other like-minded universal investors, of risk, return and impact as the new performance metrics for investment. We are delighted to acknowledge that our valued partners Mubadala and Al Maskari will join us in this exciting research venture. ”

Ahmed Al Calily, Chief Strategy & Risk Officer of Mubadala Investment Company, said: “As a Responsible Investor, Mubadala believes considering environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities in our investment process is an important aspect of achieving our core mandate, which includes generating strong risk-adjusted returns. In partnership with NYUAD and Al Maskari Holding, Mubadala strongly supports the Transition Investment Lab, which will grow the understanding and appreciation of ESG considerations across the MEASA region.”

Nabyl Al Maskari, Executive Chairman of Al Maskari Holding, said: “As an Abu Dhabi woman-founded family office recognized for environmental stewardship, good governance, and social impact; we are proud to co-found the first public-private research initiative in partnership with NYUAD and Mubadala. The TIL further reinforces our MEASA Partners platform’s commitment to positioning Abu Dhabi as the gateway to the region by collaborating with institutional investors to jointly develop locally relevant ESG frameworks that encourage the deployment of international capital towards addressing the region’s SDGs.”

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