Mission Statement

The multiple crises unfolding since the turn of the century have brought the risks of a globally interconnected world into sharper focus. 

The spread of COVID-19 has aggravated these concerns, and accelerated the urgency of a shift from the conventional economic model, which focused upon shareholder value and profitability, to a new paradigm where environmental sustainability, social inclusion, and shared prosperity are central in corporate and financial decision-making.
Transition Investment is the class of financial transactions aimed at enabling such a paradigm shift.


The aspiration is to support positioning NYU Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi as a knowledge center for transition investment in the region.

TIL will develop state-of-the-art tools, frameworks, and models that can support the attraction of international institutional investors and capital deployment in emerging and frontier markets of Middle East, Africa, and Southern Asia. Abu Dhabi, as a financial and logistics hub for the region, combined with its sovereign wealth fund community and powered by ADGM and ADX as prominent financial enablers, is uniquely positioned to turn TIL aspiration into a reality.

Abu Dhabi skyline at sunset