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TIL’s article published in IFSWF Annual Review

TIL has established a research partnership with the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) to carry out research on sustainable investments by SWFs. The article analyzing recent trends of SDG investment by SWFs has been published in the IFSWFs Annual Review 2023.

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What is Transition Investment?

Transition Investment is an investment philosophy aiming at achieving socio-economic impact along with financial returns.

By unlocking the capital of large institutional investors in transformational projects, Transition Investment enables the shift to a new economic paradigm based upon environmental sustainability, social inclusion, and shared prosperity.


Transition Investment is anchored upon strong beliefs about the role of specific regions, asset classes, and investors in delivering the change.


— The MEASA Region


 Private Markets




The MEASA region

The target region for Transition Investment is Middle East, Africa, and Southern Asia (MEASA).

It is the region with the highest potential in terms of economic growth, but at the same time the one facing the most severe socioeconomic and environmental challenges.

A successful transition of MEASA will stabilize the global economy.


Growing companies in private markets

Transition Investment’s asset classes are:

• Early-stage venture capital

• Growth private equity funds

Investors can deliver meaningful impact when they support the creation and growth of companies. This happens first and foremost in private markets, in the venture capital and private equity industry.


Institutional investors as universal owners

The capital and unique capabilities of large institutional investors such as pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, are required to accomplish the transition. They will benefit from the mitigation of global risk, while delivering upon sustainable development goals. 


Let your investing have a positive impact on the world


Hosted by NYU Abu Dhabi and powered by Mubadala Investment Company and MEASA Partners, Transition Investment Lab is a knowledge center carrying out rigorous, actionable research and raising awareness of the role of finance in addressing societal issues.



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